Online sales with AUCTION.COM

Explore the ever growing world of online sales with the folks from AUCTION.COM ("where real estate is moving") as our hosts, Hamid and Fay Hamadanchy unlock the secrets of this rapidly growing part of the market. is the largest online real estate marketplace in the world, selling over $37 billion worth of commercial and residential properties, over 200,000 properties in all. They started off exclusively as a platform to sell distressed properties for the big financial institutions, but they've been moving away from that model with other traditional, high quality properties in their mix, including the largest online transaction ever (a $96 million dollar commercial office complex in Manhattan Beach), to the point where 60% of their offerings are no longer "distressed properties".. Which is why they are rebranding the site to become "10x" ("because they want everyone to have a 10 times better buying experience") and moving into all sorts of online residential and commercial sales.

So is this just a way for foreign buyers to bid and purchase US properties?  Does it make your property internationally available and expand the market accordingly? And will this become a model for all future sales?  Find out as our hosts speak with's VP of Marketing, on Orange County's only community radio station, OC Talk

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