OC’s Deputy DA discusses Real Estate Fraud

As housing hovers around it's all time high here in Orange County, Real Estate Fraud is back in the news as crooks move in to capture these valuable assets.  So much so that the District Attorney's office has a special real estate unit (as part of its major fraud section).  Hear Deputy District Attorney Megan Wagner discuss her work in that unit including prosecuting some high profile "Ponzi schemes", refinancing fraud and the increasing occurrences of crooks forging false "quit claim deeds" and other documents which they use to claim your house from right under your nose and sell or rent it to someone else or even secure a new loan on your property....often targeting seniors with paid off houses or homes the lenders have taken back and are sitting empty.

Learn how to fight these crimes and report them quickly to the DA's office thru their online site.  Along with the work the Deputy DA and her husband, Assemblyman Don Wagner, have done to pass new laws that make it easier to get your title back.  All that and more on this week's installment of the OC HOUSING CONNECTION with Hamid and Fay Hamadanchy on Orange County's only community radio station, OC Talk Radio.net.

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